General Servicing, Maintenance & Licensing



Beardy’s Muscle Car Garage can also look after your daily driver or family car’s regular service and maintenance. 

We have access to a massive database of tuning and regular maintenance schedules for just about any car ever made.  Even if your car is still under warranty we can carry out your car’s regular book services using genuine factory parts at cheaper then dealer rates and without risking your new car warranty.


Beardy’s Muscle Car Garage doesn’t just do modifications. 

We can also take care of your standard brake overhauls, standard clutch replacements, manual and automatic transmission overhauls, automatic transmission servicing, front and rear suspension and drivetrain repairs using factory standard parts or genuine original manufacturer parts if you prefer.


Beardy’s Muscle Car Garage has also applied to the Department of Transport to become an Authorised Inspection Station, which will make us a unique one stop shop. 

Our principal Paul Beard is a fully DoT endorsed vehicle examiner.  If your car ever needs to be DoT tested for re-registration or because of a work order we will be able to examine your car and provide a list of the work that needs to be done, giving you the choice to leave your car with us for repair or take it elsewhere and bring it back for re-examination.  If you leave your car with us for repair we will waive the re-examination fee.

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